Business Alliance Hawaii

Just by being an HMAA member, you can enjoy access to the special discounts and services offered by our Business Alliance Hawaii (BAH) Affiliates! View the offers by clicking on the affiliate’s logo.

Business Alliance Hawaii (BAH) was formed as a division of HMAA in October 2011 and is a realization of HMAA founder Arnold Baptiste Sr.’s vision to provide highly valuable, tailored business services to Hawaii’s businesses.

Are you a business owner? BAH provides a unique opportunity to expand branding efforts and promote your company’s products and services in a variety of ways, at no charge. Marketing efforts include communications posted on our website, at events, and in mailers sent our membership `ohana. Contact us now if you’re interested in joining us!

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Payroll and Human Resource Services

Business Merchandise and Event Venues

Legal Advice

Professional Education and Development

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