Forms and Information: Providers

Below is a list of printable forms and information for our Providers’ convenience.

Claim Submission

Network Participation

Administrative Manual

Administrative Manual for Participating Providers – This manual is specifically for providers participating in the HWMG medical or dental network.

Claim Codes & Guidelines

Precertification / Notification

Electronic Tools and Services

Provider Information

Language Translation Service

We provide language translation services as an added communication support for assistance to our non-English speaking customers while on the phone or face-to-face with one of our employees or participating providers. Participating providers may call our Customer Service Center should a translator be needed when health care services are rendered to a non-English speaking HMAA member.

Satisfaction Survey

Provider Satisfaction Survey – This survey is specifically for our Participating Providers. The information collected from this survey will enable us to make improvements to our services, and will be kept strictly confidential.