Prescription Plan Information

Prescription Drug Co-payments

For co-payment information, please view the prescription drug co-payment and coverage schedule. If there is a generic equivalent available and a brand name (preferred or non-preferred) drug is dispensed, you may be responsible for the respective brand co-payment plus the cost difference between the generic and brand name drug. You can confirm your drug plan type by referring to your member ID card, asking your Plan Administrator, or contacting HMAA.

The amount you pay for a covered drug will depend on your coverage tier. Each covered drug is in one of several tiers. Each drug’s tier amount may be different. Each drug tier may have a different copayment or coinsurance amount. Please refer to your Drug Certificate (“DRC”) for additional information. To find out the cost of your drugs, you may contact Express Scripts toll-free at 1-855-785-6960.

Prescription Plan Formulary

In your prescription plan, the formulary drug list is used as a guide for determining your co-payment for each prescription, with drugs listed on the formulary typically available at a lower co-payment. However, only you and your doctor can decide which medications are right for you.

For HMAA’s current drug formulary developed by our pharmacy benefit manager, Express Scripts, please view the Preferred Drug Formulary List or search online for a particular drug by name.

Review the list carefully, and note it is not all-inclusive and is subject to change.

Home Delivery Pharmacy

You can request convenient, cost-effective delivery of prescription drugs right to your door through Express Scripts’ home delivery service. You can register online and submit orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from Express Scripts’ member portal or via their mobile app, or you may print and complete the Home Delivery Order Form.

Step Therapy Program

With our Step Therapy Program, you can receive the most cost-effective covered medications for various drug categories as early as possible in your treatment plan. Learn more about the program.

Online Prescription Plan Management

Prescription Drug Online Account – Our pharmacy benefit manager, Express Scripts, provides free online access to help manage your prescription plan, and their website includes features such as helping you understand your prescription benefits and obtaining maintenance medications through free home delivery. Click on the link for more information or to register online.