The Active&Fit® Programs

We’re making it easier for HMAA members to access a unique fitness membership experience through the Active&Fit® Programs by providing options for direct individual memberships as well as employer-sponsored benefits.

The Active&Fit® Program (Employer-Sponsored)

HMAA offers the Active&Fit® Program to groups as an optional medical plan rider. By purchasing this benefit, employers provide their eligible members with access to 9,000+ participating fitness centers* nationwide such as 24 Hour Fitness and YMCA at a low annual cost of $100, or the option to work out at home using up to two Home Fitness Kits per benefit year at an annual cost of $10. The additional monthly premium is paid by the group for all medical plan members, with the annual fee paid by each member who elects to enroll.

Enrollees enjoy quarterly online newsletters, fitness tools through the Active&Fit® website, and the Active&Fit Connected!TM tool**. The minimum age requirement is 18, and the plan administrator decides whether to offer the benefit to covered employees only, or extend coverage to dependents aged 18 and older. Certain exclusions and requirements apply.

If you are a health plan administrator and would like to enroll your group or learn more, please contact your HMAA Account Manager.

If you are an eligible member and ready to enroll in the program, view our step-by-step Active&Fit® User Guide.

The Active&Fit DirectTM Program (Individual Membership, Not Employer-Sponsored)

This program allows individuals to choose from 9,000+ participating fitness centers* nationwide for $25 per month (plus a $25 enrollment fee and applicable taxes), without requiring employer sponsorship. You can easily cancel your enrollment at any time after three consecutive months of enrollment. The minimum age requirement is 18.

The program includes:

  • Online directory, maps and locator for participating fitness centers (available on any device).
  • A free guest pass to try out a fitness center before enrolling (where available).
  • The option to switch fitness centers to make sure you find the right fit.
  • Online fitness tracking through a wide variety of wearable fitness devices, apps, and exercise equipment.

Already have a fitness center membership? Certain participating fitness centers allow you to suspend your membership so you may join the Active&Fit Direct Program at no penalty. If in the future you decide to cancel, your original fitness center membership may be reinstated if it was suspended (not canceled). Please check with your fitness center prior to enrolling in Active&Fit Direct.

Enroll or learn more about the Active&Fit Direct program.

Download or print the program details.

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The Active&Fit and Active&Fit Direct programs are provided by American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc., a subsidiary of American Specialty Health Incorporated (ASH). Active&Fit Direct, Active&Fit Connected!, Active&Fit, and the Active&Fit Direct logos are trademarks of ASH and used with permission herein.