Aluminum Shake Roofing, Inc.

We were unhappy with our previous insurance carrier and knew it was time to switch to HMAA right away …

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Guava Smoked

Partnering with HRA and HMAA has helped our business a lot by giving us some really good deals…

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SKY Waikiki

Being able to save money on our premiums for health coverage has been a huge help during this time…

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Brick Fire Tavern

My staff is excited to be able to enjoy many benefits they did not have before…

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OceanHead Solar & Electric

It’s important to me that everyone is happy and healthy. Before the switch to HMAA…

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Square Barrels

My employees absolutely love HMAA! To put it plainly, we would receive…

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Central Pacific Bank

“Central Pacific Bank is committed to helping employees maintain or adopt a healthy lifestyle. To that end, we value our strong partnership with HMAA to help us build and maintain our thriving health and wellness program which includes free health screenings, clinical data analysis, and other services.”

Hawaii Restaurant Association (HRA)

“Our partnership with HMAA is already reaping rewards for our members, and we are happy to see numerous restaurateurs taking advantage of these benefits!”

Makai HR

“Makai HR is dedicated to providing employers and their employees with best-in-class health benefits at a fair price, and we found both by partnering with HMAA.”

Roy’s Restaurant and Pacific Rim Cuisine

“We’ve been with HMAA since 1995, and they’re still the best option. The best part? HMAA’s quality of service is always consistent.”

Stanford Carr Development LLC

“With HMAA, our health plans are in place for next year, and our company and employees are happier than ever.”

The Building Industry Association of Hawaii (BIA-Hawaii)

“We’re excited to offer our members the flexibility in plan options with HMAA!”