You should review the confirmation and rejection reports supplied by your vendor and SDS  each time you transmit claims to HMAA.  These reports should be used to compare your actual submission totals against the totals shown on the reports.  They will confirm which claims have reached their destination and which claims were rejected.  If you do not currently receive these reports or you are unsure about how to use them, please contact your vendor.

Regardless of your EDI vendor, when you send a claim electronically to HMAA, it will be processed through SDS.  At SDS, the claim goes through a set of standard edits to make sure the claim is error-free.  If the claim meets these standard requirements, SDS accepts the claim and forwards it to HMAA.  If the claim is missing required information or does not meet SDS’ edits, SDS rejects the claim and the claim does not reach HMAA.