The problem could result from several different causes. Please review the steps below.

  1. Routinely review your confirmation and rejection reports to ensure all of your claims were transmitted to HMAA by your vendor (if applicable) and SDS.
  2. Ensure eligible claims are flagged in your system to be sent electronically to SDS using HMAA’s payor ID, 48330.
  3. Check with your EDI vendor to verify they are receiving all of your claims.
  4. Ask your EDI vendor to contact SDS to verify that all of your claims were received.
  5. Some vendors require an additional unique number for electronic routing, or a reference regarding the payor address/name information to determine electronic routing. Please check with your vendor regarding their specific requirements.
  6. If all of the above have been verified but HMAA is still not receiving your claims, please contact our Provider Relations Department.