Diabetes Prevention Program

healthydinnerEligible HMAA members receive free access to VP Transform, an innovative digital diabetes prevention program powered by Virgin Pulse. A short online quiz will determine your risk factors for developing Type 2 diabetes. If you qualify based on your results, you’ll get access to tools to help you succeed.

Just as your lifestyle can increase your risk, taking action to improve your health can reduce your risk or prevent diabetes altogether. Simple changes today can prevent diabetes tomorrow.

This CDC-approved 12-month personalized program can lower your risk for diabetes by:

  • Improving your eating habits and staying on track with a personal health coach
  • Reducing your body weight with personalized goals, motivation, and a free wireless scale
  • Increasing your physical activity in ways that work for you, including a free Fitbit activity tracker

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Click here to see if you qualify. You will be asked to create an online account before taking the quiz.